Amino Acid Fertilizer

  • Amino Acid Plant Nutrition

    Amino Acid Plant Nutrition

    Appearance: light yellow powder Smell: aromatic smell Water solubility: completely soluble in water This compound amino acids powder is obtained from the hydrolyzed protein, containing 17 kinds of free amino acids, perfect water solubility, quite stable chemical properties...Read MoreChat Now

  • Amino Acid Rooting Fertilizer

    Amino Acid Rooting Fertilizer

    Amino Acid was extracted by enzymolysis and the total Nitrogen is above 14%.The Essential amino acids was 40% at least. Compound Amino Acid in powder Shipment Our certificateRead MoreChat Now

  • Amino Acid Plant Supplements

    Amino Acid Plant Supplements

    We supply both plant origin and animal origin amino acid,low content from 35%,45% to 80% content, and the raw material such as animal hair, to soybean meal, corn etc, widly used as foliar fertilizer, plant supplement, growth regulator ect.Read MoreChat Now

  • Amino Acid Root Liquid Fertilizer

    Amino Acid Root Liquid Fertilizer

    1. Amino acid>100G/L,CaO>30G/L, organic matter 120G/L 2. Promte growth,increase yield and improve the quality of productcRead MoreChat Now

  • Amino Acid Powder for Plants

    Amino Acid Powder for Plants

    Amino acid by enzymolysis or hydrolysis, from plants or animal A. Better quality of crops B. Improve yield. C. Improve immunity and resistance to bad enviroment or weather D. Improve soil fertilityRead MoreChat Now

  • Liquid Plant Nutrition amino Acid Plant Origin

    Liquid Plant Nutrition amino Acid Plant Origin

    Amino acid plant nutrition: plant origin by hydrolysis method, 30% amino acid, Benefits: *promote absorption of nutrient, increase yield * enhance root growth, improve soil conditions. *improve crop's quality and enhance mature. * Improve plant resistance to drought,...Read MoreChat Now

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