Fish Protein Fertilizer

  • Fish Protein Powder

    Fish Protein Powder

    It is extracted from bone of cod. 100% Natural &Organic Decrease harvest date and i ncreases yields. Fish protein powder Liquid fish protein fertilizer 20KG bag packing 1. Application To be used as foliar and root fertilizer 2. Package 20KG/Bag for fish protein in powder...Read More

  • Fish Protein Plant Nutrition

    Fish Protein Plant Nutrition

    Blue transparent viscous liquid 1.Specification Ca ≥200g/l, N ≥100g/l,MgO ≥25g/l PH:6-8 Used on strawberry 1. Application Dilute with water 1:400, foliar spray It is easily to be absorbed, can improves the diseases resistance, the consistency of the vegetal tissues and fruits...Read More

  • Seaweed And Fish Protein Compound Fertilizer 12-6-12

    Seaweed And Fish Protein Compound Fertilizer 12-6-12

    Seaweed and Fish Protein Compound Fertilizer 12-6-12 1. Specifiction: 2. Feature: Plant source raw material, fully ripened, the fertilizer can’t secondary fermentation after applying into the soil, Improves the root growth, avoid hurting root Strengthen anti-stress and...Read More

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