Water Soluble Fertilizer

  • Water Soluble Fertilizer for Vegetables

    Water Soluble Fertilizer for Vegetables

    when spray our water soluble fertilzier on the leaves, it will stick on the leaves and the droplet will expand rapidly on whole leaves.Improvement of absorption and utilization of crops. 30-60kg/ha according different crops We are trying to meet their customers” requirements,...Read More

  • Water Soluble Fertilizers Manufacturers

    Water Soluble Fertilizers Manufacturers

    The quality of our water soluble fertilizer is the key to our success . We have advanced and professional equipment. The fertilizer dissolved in water, with irrigation, border irrigation, drip irrigation and even, etc., a large number of nutrients rich in fertilizer will be...Read More

  • Water Soluble Fertilizer Organic

    Water Soluble Fertilizer Organic

    Our organic Water Soluble Fertilizer is for vegetable and fruits, such as tomato, potato, flowers, tea, coco, tobacco. free sample is available before the order.Our package :white bag or colouful bag.We can meet all your requirements. We have:13-7-40, 20-20-20,15-15-1,...Read More

Welcome to import water soluble fertilizer from our factory here. As one of the leading water soluble fertilizer manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also provide free sample. For any details, contact us now.