Humic Fertilizer

  • Potassium Humate

    Potassium Humate

    Potassium humate is extracted from natural high grade Leonardite/Lignite, with excellent solubility. It is used alone or combined with Nitrogen and Phosphorus in irrigation and spray. It's applied in landscape and garden as well as all agricultural and horticultural...Read More

  • Humic Organic Fertilizer

    Humic Organic Fertilizer

    Organic P+K Power Main ingredient: Alginate≥8%,HumicAcid≥30g/L,N+P2O5+K2O≥200g/L,organic matter≥180g/L Characters: Liquid fertilizer combined organic Khm with NPK chelated Control nutrients supply effectively, increase fruits quantity, Enlarge fruit, Avoid dehiscent fruit,...Read More

  • Humic Acids

    Humic Acids

    Humic Acid is a principal component of humic substances, which are the major organic constituents of soil ( humus ), peat, coal, many upland streams, dystrophic lakes, and ocean water. It is produced by biodegradation of dead organic matter. It is not a single acid, rather,...Read More



    Specifications NITROHumic acid is humic acid 40%, 50% CAS No: 1415-93-6 EINECS No: 215-809-6Read More

  • Humic Acid Granula Fertilizer

    Humic Acid Granula Fertilizer

    Humic Acid Granula fertilizer, Its functions as below, 1. impove the structure of soil; 2. increase the buffering power of soil 3. Neutralize both acidic and alkline soil; 4.regulate the PH-value of the soil. 5. Stimulate plant growth, increase the yield and quality 6. Reduce...Read More

  • Humic Acid and Seaweed Organic Fertilizer

    Humic Acid and Seaweed Organic Fertilizer

    Details of Products Main Ingredient: Type A: N-P-K:2-2-3,Amino Acid≥5%,Humic Acid≥15%,Organic Matter≥30%,Seaweed Extract: 10-12%, trace element (Cu,Fe,Mn,Zn,B)≥1%, Moisture<1%, PH:6-8, Chitin 1% Type B: N-P-K: 7-3-3,. N-P2O5-K2O>7%, Organic Matter ≥ 30%, Seaweed...Read More

  • Humic Fertilizer For Free Sample

    Humic Fertilizer For Free Sample

    humic fertilizer can strengthen the resistance of stress and disease,green the yellow leaves,enlarge the small leaves,prevent falling of stem,leaves,flowers and fruits; cure the root rot and avoid death of plantsRead More

  • Liquid Humic Acid Organic Fertilizer

    Liquid Humic Acid Organic Fertilizer

    Liquid Humic Acid Organic Fertilizer Can reduce the loss of traditional nitrogen fertilizer, at the same time, it has the function of activating phosphorus and potassium, thereby increasing the utilization rate of fertilizer in the season.Read More

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