GRA-F Seaweed Fish Protein Fertilizer

GRA-F Seaweed Fish Protein Fertilizer

The Atlantic brown algae and seaweed algae are added and degraded by microorganisms and enzymes. It is a multifunctional, safe and environment-friendly water-soluble fertilizer. It is rich in small molecules, peptides, amino acids, taurine, vitamin B6, B12 and other active substances and rich in trace elements such as calcium and magnesium. After trials and promotion, the nutritional elements of products are fully balanced, which can promote the absorption of nutrients by crops, increase the utilization rate of fertilizers, promote the synthesis, transfer and accumulation of organic matter in crops, stimulate the proliferation and differentiation of cells at crop growth points, and increase the ability of crops to resist diseases and insect pests. Significant rooting, seedling growth, strong stalks, fruit expansion, coloring, stress resistance, yield increase, and high quality, etc., and can activate and fertilize the soil, improve soil strength, can be widely used in facilities agriculture, green agriculture and landscaping.

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Product Details



Fish Protein



Seaweed Fish Protein




Organic Matter







Net Weight25kg


Plant source raw material, fully ripened, the fertilizer can't secondary

    fermentation after applying into the soil, Improves the root growth,

    avoid hurting root

Strengthen anti-stress and capacity of anti-disease(Alginic acid,Fish


Speed up the bredding of soil microorganism

Supply full nutrition to crops, long term fertility(NPK 12-6-12), increase

    and update organic matters in soil, promote the reproduction of  effec-

    tive micro organisms in soil, promote good soil structure formation,

    increase the capability of water holding and improveaeration condition.


Applicable Crops:

Fruit Trees (Apple, Orange, Peach, Papaya, Banana,  Avocado etc.)

Other commercial crops.



Apply to crops root, furrow or hole application

750-1200kg/ha, as base fertilizer

300-450 kg/ha, as topdressing

1-2kg/ Tree,after picking fruit.

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