Top Alga Seaweed Soluble Fertilizer

Top Alga Seaweed Soluble Fertilizer

General organic algal organisms contain more than 10% organic matter, such as Hexin Algae, which contains 30% organic matter. Sufficient organic matter facilitates the formation of soil aggregates, enhances soil permeability, and facilitates microbial population reproduction in soils.

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Product Details

Top Alga   seaweed soluble fertilizer


improve soil fertility

tegulate growth

advance florescence

increase yield


Alginate Acid≥100g/L,



Organic Matter≥220g/L.

PH:6~8   Density1.2kg/L

Quality Guarantee Period5 years


Net Weight1L


Anti-freeze,Drought resist

Enhance photosynthesis,

Impel flowering,

Retain and expand fruit.


1.Dilute to 1: 800~1:1500 times.

2.150L~300L/ Hectare for vegetables and melon crop.

3.1200L~1600L/ Hectare for fruit trees.


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