Chitin Chitosan Crab Shell Fertilizer

Chitin Chitosan Crab Shell Fertilizer

Because chitin fertilizer has no hormonal component, the effect is relatively slow, which is why the chitin product is more difficult to promote. The use effect of chitin products: Once effective, two times effective, three times of miraculous effects. Once again, the crop begins to absorb chitin, but the naked eye is hard to see from the surface; using it twice, the effect begins to be noticeable, from the number of roots of the roots, the color, size, thickness, and thickness of the stalks. Length, overall growth of the plant, etc. When used three times, there will be a very magical effect.

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During this period, the reduction of the disease, the improvement of the quality of the flowering fruit, the shortening of the stem, and the development of the root system can be observed. Especially for the original growth potential, it has more unexpected effects. The use of chitin fertilizer not only increases crop yield, intrinsic quality and external commercial quality, but also reduces the use of pesticides and fertilizers, such as safety, environmental protection, and pollution-free.微信图片_20170418110730.jpg




Applicable Crops:

Vegetables and Melons (Leafy Vegetables, Rhizome etc.)

Fruit Trees (Grape, Apple, Orange, Peach, Papaya, Banana etc.)

Other commercial crops.






Root Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

Water Flushing

Diluted by 1:300-1:500 and can be used in all

growth period. Continuously use 2-3 times to

achieve the best effect. Increase or decrease

the dosage according to the practical condition.


Lead Time :15 days after payment 

Port: Qingdao 


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