Chitosan Concentrate Liquid Fertilizer

Chitosan Concentrate Liquid Fertilizer

Chitin is a kind of natural organic macromolecular polysaccharride, is widely distributed in nature of shrimp, crab carepace and cell wall of insect armor and some fungi and plant cell wall.This product is the further deepening to chitosan oligosaccharides, also known as low oligosaccarides.Chitosan oligosaccharide form exists only in order to be absorbed by crops, its special effect can help crops to enhance immunity and has the efficacy of activating plant cell, plant fruit would repair, can inhibit the root knot nematode, control disease.

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Chitosan concentrate liquid fertilizer

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Chitosan Fungicide

Adapting the worlds top technology of activity reservation and purification, made major by the non-pollute kelp and seaweed in deep sea, the product contains necessary nutriment for crops growth, such as N, P, K and alginic acid, 
which can absorbs quickly by crops and is considered as the most effective plant growth promoter in the world.
Containing many plant growth promoters, the product can improve photosynthesis, promote the flower bud differentiation, root growth and blossom, and enforce crops’ resistance to freezing injury and damage by disease and insect. So that the output and quality can be ensured and that crops can be harvested earlier.

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