Chitosan for Agriculture, Chitosan plant fertilizer

Chitosan for Agriculture, Chitosan plant fertilizer

Chitosan and its derivatives have good flocculation and clarification. As a beverage clarifier, the suspension can flocculate rapidly, precipitate naturally, and improve the yield of the original liquid. In the extraction solution of traditional Chinese medicine, the protein, tannic acid and pectin of macromolecular can be easily removed by chitosan solution, and the effective ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine with high purity can be refined. The adsorption of chitosan has a good effect on water purification.

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Chitosan is a natural plant nutrition growth agent - foliar fertilizer raw material, made of chitosan compound with foliar fertilizer, can not only to have the effect of fertilizer, plant deinsectization and can break down the animal and plant residues in soil and trace metal elements, thus into plant nutrients, and promote the health of the plant; Shrimp shells and crab shells are rich in protein and micronutrient elements, which have good nutritional value after being absorbed by animals.






Main characteristics of the company products:all use abyssal cusk Alaska crab shell production,the comany promises:never    mixed with  shrimp shell ,climbing, domestic crab shell,shrimp shell appearance color is pure white powder ,degree (not yellowish powder) is greater than 93%,ash index is lower thanb 0.6%,less thanb 6%moisture indicators,particle size:

100 yard to 130 yard high positive charge,cationic content ,droplets ,burr (see photo|),adsorption,dissolves a colorless transparent liquid ,no cotton shape,without impurities,all without exception and transparent liquid with perfect,as a result of chosen deep-sea cod crab shells ,which can effectively control the heavy metal content is lower than the standards prescribed by the state.This product has been selected by a number of powderful health care products companies in China .The feedback information in the market is good .This product  has passed the national food satety and quality assurance certification (QS certification).






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