chitosan powder Agriculture Trade

chitosan powder Agriculture Trade

Chitosan and its derivatives have good flocculation and clarification. As a beverage clarifier, the suspension can flocculate rapidly, precipitate naturally, and improve the yield of the original liquid. In the extraction solution of traditional Chinese medicine, the protein, tannic acid and pectin of macromolecular can be easily removed by chitosan solution, and the effective ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine with high purity can be refined. The adsorption of chitosan has a good effect on water purification.

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[product CAS] 9012-76-4

[product specification] food grade

[physical properties] a white or grayish white translucent sheet or powder solid, tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, pure chitosan with a pearly luster.

[product packaging] 25KG/ barrel, paper and plastic composite barrel

[term of validity] properties of 24-month chitosan: chitosan is a white to yellowish or bluish white or reddish white amorphous powder or scale.








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