Chitosan Liquid Bio Fertilizer

Chitosan Liquid Bio Fertilizer

Qingdao Jingling Ocean Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of seaweed organic fertilizer,the company was established for 12 years, products sold all over the world.With the best quality and the reasonable price ,all products can be customized,want to know more about the products please visit the website

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Product Details


Product information:

Product Name:Chitosan Fungicide Liquid Fertilizer 

Appearance :Brown Liquid 

Ordor:Soft smell

N≥50g/L P2O5 ≥5g/L K20 ≥30g/L

Organic Matter ≥120g/L

Chitosan  ≥30g/L

Solubility in water :100%

Pesticide &Fungicide  ≥3g/L

Applying  Crops :

Fruit Tree, Vegetable ,Flowers ,Coffee,tea,Medicinal Crop and so on.

Application Method:

Chitosan Fungicide Liquid Fertilizer

The first Asia to adopt bioenzymatic  hydrolysis technology.Presently we have more than 100kinds of products and are China's Organic Fertilizer production base.

product Use:

Seed processing  ,Suppressed fungal infection ,Biological pesticides ,Foliar Fertilizer .

Product Selling Point Display

First function :Take roots rapidly,accelerate root growth ,solve the question of weak growth and malnutrition effectively.

Second function:Change the microbial flora,promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms,inhibit a number of plant pathogens and killnematodes &their eggs ,induce plant disease resistance.

Third function:stimulate plant growth,and enhance the production of crops and harvest fruits&vegetables.

Fourth Function:Specially added nematode killers to increase crop yields and harvest fruits and vegetables.

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