Organic Chitin Liquid Agricultural Fertilizer

Organic Chitin Liquid Agricultural Fertilizer

Product efficacy and features:This product contains a variety of Marine biological active ingredients such as chitin. When sprayed on leaves, chitin can improve the absorption and utilization of various nutrients in plants. The seedlings and fruits are expanded rapidly, mature early, have good color, prevent premature aging, reduce viruses and verticillium wilt.

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Product Details

Chitin liquid agricultural fertilizer

1.Organic matter: 180g/L

2.Chitin: 30g/L

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Chitosan function 1:

Break soil hardens, the free soil, improve soil respiration permeability, dilute soil salinization, clean soil.


Chitosan function 2:

Increase the utilization rate of NPK fertilizer. Activation and analysis of calcium, zinc and boron in soil.

Chitosan function 3:

Prevent fungal and bacterial diseases, control the continuation of soil-borne disease,prevent root-knot nematode.

Chitosan function 4:

Provides the plant's natural auxin; Promote growth of strong stems; Promote mature coloring; Improve the quality.

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