U-Lemei Chitin Liquid Fertilizer

U-Lemei Chitin Liquid Fertilizer

U-Lemei chitosan not only contains chitin but also contains a variety of Marine biological active ingredients. After chitin was put into soil, a large number of beneficial bacteria such as actinomyces could be cultivated in a short time.Optimize the growth environment of root system, so as to alleviate root diseases such as root rot, stem basal rot, verticillium wilt, and root knot nematode.Chitin increases the uptake and utilization of various nutrients in plants.The seedling and fruit are expanded rapidly, ripening early, good color, preventing premature aging.

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U-Lemei Chitin liquid fertilizer


2.Organic matter:180g/L

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Apply 4kg with water per mu, or drip irrigation 2-4kg

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