Seaweed Granular nitrogen and pstassium Organic Fertilizer 7-3-3

Seaweed Granular nitrogen and pstassium Organic Fertilizer 7-3-3

This organic fertilizer is 100% soluble in water. The composition of NPK ratio for 7-3-3. It looks like shiny fine particles. There are more than 30% organic matter and 0.5% microelment. It is better to use this organic fertilizer in growing period.

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Product Details

Haijingling is China's first specialized in the production of seaweed fertilizer normal manufacturer, the company production and sales integration organization, the company as a supplier of seaweed fertilizer for more than a decade, seaweed extract, seaweed fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, fish protein organic fertilizer and chitin fertilizer sold at home and abroad, and by the vast number of consumers.Sea whales spirit set independent production and independent research and development in a body, at the same time of constantly improve the quality of products, constantly optimize the product, gradually increase the effective products in the entire history of the organic fertilizer market competitiveness!


I. Significant Effect

  1. Improve crops quality.

  2. improve soil fertility

  3. Enhance resistance of crops, induce plants to enhances resistance to disease.

II. Ingredient

Organic Metter
Seaweed Extract


Humic Acid5%-8%
Cu Fe Mn Zn B<0.5%

III. Appicable Crops.

  1. fruit trees( apple, orange, grape, banana, durian, papaya etc.)  

  2. vegetables( carrot, tomato, potato, cabbage, cumumber etc.)

  3. flowers, coffee, tea and other comerical crops.

IV. Instructions


To apply 3-4 times in whole growing period.

V. package

25kg plastic woven bags/paper bags

VI. Certificate


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