Seaweed Granular Organic nitrogrn and phosphorus Fertilizer NPK 2-2-1

Seaweed Granular Organic nitrogrn and phosphorus Fertilizer NPK 2-2-1

This organic fertilizer is 100% soluble in water. The composition of NPK ratio for 7-3-3. It looks like shiny fine particles. There are more than 30% organic matter and 0.5% microelment. It is better to use this organic fertilizer in growing period. SEND INQUIRY

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NPK organic fertilizer is one kind of fertilizer to provide nitrogen phosphorus and potassium for the growth of plants. Haijingling NPK fertilizer's organic matter comes from seaweed, which is the most effective organic matter for plants. Even there are 10-12% seaweed extract in the fertilizer, which would improve the quality of crops, and also enhance resistance of crops. We add 1% trace element in order to meet the needs of plants for trace elements. The PH of this fertilizer between 6 to 8, so that this fertilizer can use for acid soil and basic soil.

I. Significant Effect

1. Improve crops quality.

2. Enhance resistance of crops.

3. Induce plants to enhance resistance to disease.

II. Product Character

Dark brown granule, water soluble, granular size:2mm-4mm.


III. Main Ingredient

  1. NPK: 2-2-1

  2. Amino Acid: 5%

  3. Humic Acid: 15%

  4. Organic Matter: 30%

  5. Seaweed extract: 10-12%

  6. Trace Elemnet(Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, B): 1%

  7. Moisture: 1%

  8. PH: 6-8

IV. Appliable Crops

  1. fruits(apple, orange, peach, grape, banana, papaya etc.)

  2. vegetables and melons(leafy vegetables, rhizome etc.)

  3. flowers, coffee, tea and other commerical crops.

V. Packages

25 kg plastic woven Bags/Paper Bags

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