bio manure fertilizer for vegetable and flower

bio manure fertilizer for vegetable and flower

Quick Details Classification: Organic Fertilizer Type:Seaweed CAS No.:84775-78-0 Other Names:alginate fertilizer MF:(C12H16O12)n EINECS No.:232-680-1 Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland) Release Type:Controlled State:Granular Purity:99% Application:Improve quality and yield Appearance:Black or dark brown granular PH:6~8

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Seaweed Granular Fertilizer :bio manure fertilizer for vegetable and flower

      Our seaweed fertilizer is made from Kelp seaweed. Kelp seaweed is a kind of delicious sea food for Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Besides alginate acid, it contains luxuriant mannitol, iodine, gibberellin,  CTK, indoleacetic acid and many necessary  microelement for crops, for example, Fe, Mg, Mn, Zn, etc. In fact, Kelp seaweed is the best and most expensive raw material of seaweed fertilizer.


   We produce seaweed fertilizer by  biodegradation. We have gained IMO organic certificate, ISO: 9001 ISO:14001 certificate and other certificates used for production, environment protection and export. We do not add any chemical products or damage the active constituent of seaweed during the process and remain all the nutrients of Kelp seaweed. We do not extract any element, so all the nutrients of seaweed can be used in fertilizing the crop. We have been concentrate on fertilizer production for 7 years and continue our ideas in the future, this is the biggest advantage upon other seaweed fertilizer manufacturer from China.

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Product Character:
Black or dark brown granule,water soluble,granular size:2mm-4mm
Main Ingredient:
Type A: N-P-K:7-3-3,Amino Acid≥5%,Humic Acid≥15%,Organic Matter≥30%,Seaweed Extract:5%,trace element(Cu,Fe,Mn,Zn,B)≥1%,Moisture<1%,PH:6-8,

Type B: N-P2O5-K2O>7%, Organic Matter:40%~45%, Seaweed Extract>5%, Microelement>1%

1.Improve crops quality.
2.Enhance resistance of crops,induce plants to enhance resistance to disease.
3.Meliorate soil, increase yield for 15% to 20%.
Application Method:
Imbed Application:
Imbed the seaweed fertilizer granule.
Dosage:1200kg-1500kg/Ha.  1~2 times in a growing period.

Field Experiment:bio manure fertilizer for vegetable and flower

The organic granular is usually used as base fertilizer because its continuous efficiency. Fertilizing this product before growing, the soil condition will be improved by alginate acid, organic matter and other components. The crops can establish a trong body from the very begining. Hing yield will be an inevitable result. Below is some photos of plants which used our granular fertilizer as base fertilizer.



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