Seaweed Macroelement Fertilizer

Seaweed Macroelement Fertilizer

NPK:21-12-21, Zn:More than 750ppm, B:More than 2400 ppm, seaweed polysaccharides: More than 1000ppm. Comprehensive and balanced nutrition; improve balanced growth of root, stem, leaf and fruit, help plant to be vigorous and strong.

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Advantage for our seaweed macro element fertilizer:

seaweed macro element fertilizer

  1. Chelated nutrients can be easily absorbed by root; highly increase utilization rate.

  2. Nutrients chelated by seaweed polysaccharides provide lasting effect, release steadily and be absorbed efficiently.

  3. Rich in seaweed polysaccharides, significantly promote generation of hair roots, strengthen root system.

  4. The seaweed bio-stimulants can effectively enhance plant resistance to cold and waterlongging.



Fertigation:75-150 kgs/ha

Drip irrigation:60-75 kgs/ha

Dosage can be adjusted according to local crops

local soil condition and application habits.


Two years

If any interested, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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