Specifications NITROHumic acid is humic acid 40%, 50% CAS No: 1415-93-6 EINECS No: 215-809-6

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NITROHumic acid  is humic acid
40%, 50%
CAS No:  1415-93-6 
EINECS No: 215-809-6 

Characteristics:It is natual high molecular aromatic weak acid polymer with complex structure, it is come form coal, turf and bio-ferment. HA contains: C,O,N,H , S, hydroxyl,carboxy,alcoholic hydroxyl. etc. , It can offer several functions too, including chelation,complexing, ion exchange, floc, dispersion and adhesion.
Property:non-toxic, and odorless brown black powder or grain
Technical index :GradeHumic acid ( dry )%Organic matter ( dry )%Moisture%Fineness   (mesh)Granularity (1.00-4.50)First-grade>50>60<1540-60≥90Second-grade>40>50<2040-60≥90Third-grade>30>40<2040-60≥90

Function and efficacy:

(A) Application in agriculture                 

1 , improve the soil                 

2 , Accelerate the grwoth of plant                

3 , Improve the  efficacy of fertilizer                 

4 , Improve resistance to disease and weather, improve the quality and fruit.               

(B)(B) Application in pesticide                 

1, Stabilizer of pesticide                 

2, Wetting agent of pesticide                 

3, Adserbent of pesticide                

4, Accelerant of pesticide                 

5, Slow-releasing  agent and auxiliary agent    

(C) Application in industry                 

1, Additives of ceramics                 

a. Thinning the wall of bowl                

b. Improve the quality of material                 

c. Improve the strength of mold                 

d. Handle the proble of producing extra-high voltage ceramics               

e. Improve the  whiteness             

2, Used in ditry-removing and sewage treatment                           

(D) Application in industry in medicine Sodium humate can be used in:                 

(1) antivirus                 

(2) antiinflammation and relieving the pain                

(3) anticancer

Packing:25kg/bag, 50kg/bag, PE plastic bag lined woven bag  Storage: sealed, avoid moisture


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