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Comprehensive effect of multiple functions of humic acid
- Feb 05, 2018 -

1. Humic acid is an organic colloid material with water absorption and storage function.

Humic acid cation exchange quantity is big, have strong adsorption buffer and chelate ability, can raise the nutrient utilization rate in the soil, buffer acid-base harm etc. function.

Humic acid is an organic macromolecule colloid, with strong water absorption and storage function, the water absorption rate of clay particles is 50%-60%, and the water absorption rate of humic substances can reach 500%-600%, so the use of humic acid fertilizer is beneficial to improve soil water condition.

2. Humic acid can improve soil structure

Soil fertility is determined by organic-inorganic complex, inorganic mineral colloid generally in the soil content of more than 95%, the soil Foundation fertilizer has some effect, and can not be changed by artificial measures, organic colloid namely humic acid substances, generally only accounted for organic-inorganic complex 5% or so, But he is as important as mineral colloid, and can be controlled by artificial measures, the use of organic fertilizers, humic acid soil improvers and soil improvement fertilizers to increase the content of humic acids in the soil, the application of humic acid into soil aggregates to form the adhesive, improve the soil organic-inorganic complex, The soil structure has been improved by increasing the large grain-size water stability aggregates, so the application of humic acid fertilizers can effectively improve the physical structure of various soils, so it is said that humic acid is a high quality soil conditioner.

3, foliar application of humic acid liquid fertilizer, can reduce stomatal conductance, reduce moisture transpiration and loss. The leaf stomatal conductance of wheat was reduced by 33.7% compared with that of wheat by spraying fulvic acid. The study of Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, wheat spraying yellow humic acid, not only the leaf stomatal conductivity decreased, but also to reduce the opening degree of wheat pores and hole closure, but also to provide nutrients for wheat.

4, Humic acid can stimulate the root growth of crops, enhance the water absorption capacity of the roots.

Humic acid contains a variety of functional groups with chemical activity and biological activity, which can stimulate the growth and development of the crops, so as to make the seeds early germination, early germination, early flowering, early fruiting, but also increase root length, root and root vigor, enhance the ability of crop roots to absorb nutrients and water.

5, Humic acid can enhance the physiological regulation function of plants, and improve the ability of cold resistance of crops.

The application of humic acid fertilizer can enhance the activity of enzymes in soil and plant, regulate the physiological and metabolic function of crops, and enhance the adaptability of crops to unfavorable environmental conditions.

To sum up, humic acid and humic acid fertilizers, the soil structure can be improved, the physical and chemical properties of soil are improved, the soil water retention and fertilizer capacity can be stimulated, the growth and development of the root of the crop is enhanced, the water absorption capacity is reduced, the water transpiration and loss is decreased, the ability of crops to resist the adverse environment is increased

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