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Development prospect of humic acid fertilizers
- Feb 05, 2018 -

1, The whole process of China's green food, quality control technology system, the whole has reached the European Union, the United States, Japan and other developed countries food quality and safety standards, has been in line with the international, but how to produce green safe food, the fundamental problem lies in how to overcome and prevent soil pollution from the point of view of fertilization, must adhere to the combination of The use of humic acid fertilizers is the only option, and the combination of humic acid and chemical fertilizer can achieve 1+1>2 integration effect.

2. A large number of studies show that humic acid is the best friend of inorganic, it is the slow release agent and stabilizer of nitrogenous fertilizer, the synergist of phosphate fertilizer, the protective agent of potash fertilizer, the regulator and chelating agent of trace element, humic acid has a significant synergistic effect on chemical fertilizer, and it is the Mount Everest of the world fertilizer at present.

3. The future development direction of humic acid fertilizers is: intelligent, specialized, complex, long-lasting, granular and regional, such as fool fat.

This shows that the development and application of humic acid fertilizer is promising, only the use of humic acid fertilizer can realize the green of agricultural chemical fertilizer, can promote and promote the production and development of green agricultural products.

The harmfulness and improvement measures of excessive use of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides, in the past few decades, China's fertilizer consumption has increased by 10 times times, but grain production has increased by only 1 time times, indicating that the chemical fertilizer has been used in excess, if the current use of chemical fertilizers pesticides, after 50, China will have one-third of the farmland into a barren land, according to experts estimate, In the world, according to the current rate of pollution, in 30 years, the Earth is difficult to find a dozen 1-inch clean soil.

2002, China's soil and fertilizer sector, 14 members of the State Council, the reaction of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other unscientific use of soil pollution, damage to the environment, affecting the seriousness of human health, immediately aroused Zhu and Premier Wen Jiabao's attention, Premier Wen personally instructions: pesticides, chemical fertilizers, not only aggravate the environmental pollution, Moreover, the decline of the ground force has become a major problem affecting the sustainable development of agriculture and must be solved by measures.

1, The promotion of advanced practical technology, rational application of pesticides, fertilizers.

2, The development of biological pesticides, the promotion of natural enemies to prevent disease, pest technology.

3. Encourage farmers to use manure

4, The development of green foods, organic food.

5, Guide the use of pesticide and fertilizer use standards, and gradually reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This is a recommended agricultural science and technology revolution, an important and urgent work, the need for early planning and deployment, strengthen guidance, and vigorously implement.

Leadership instructions to fully explain the need for more organic fertilizer, strict control of fertilizer application quantity, is an urgent task.

From the foreign data, the United States in the 80 's (1986) began to promote humic acid fertilizers, at that time, some people in China advocated the introduction of the demonstration, but from the United States over the sea transport costs are too large, farmers are difficult to accept. In recent years, the research and development of humic acid fertilizers, in addition to national institutions, private enterprises and various organizations, actively carry out the study of humic fertilizers, development and promotion, which is also the credit for reform and opening-up.

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