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Environmental protection-Humic acid fertilizers
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Humus is complex organic matter formed by the long-term physical, chemical andbiological effects of animals and plants, and the soil of the bottom mud of water contains humus, rot

Humic Acid Raw Powder

Colonization is a macromolecule polymer with complex chemical structure with carboxyl, phenolic and ketone groups, and its molecular weight is from 102~106. From different sources, the composition of humus is different, humus according to its solubility in acid and alkali can be divided into: humic acid is also known as humic acids (HA), rich acid (FA), humic substances. Organic substances in natural drinking water, mainly ha, the concentration range from the 20μg/l of groundwater to the surface water mg, the higher the content, the worse the health status of water. The content of humic acid in general water source is about 50%~90 of total organic matter in MG, and the existence of humic acid in natural drinking water brings a series of influence to human and animals and plants:

(1) HA is a complexing agent of trace metal elements. The existence of humic acid, on the one hand, will make the content of metal ions and trace elements in the water drop, salinity decreased, thus destroying the body of some elements such as CA, Mg, Mn, V, Mo, so2-4 and other adsorption and balance, on the other hand, can affect the toxicity of metal ions and bioavailability

(2) Humic substances in water bodies are important precursors of halogenated by-products. Humus is very easy to be in the water plant chlorination process to form disinfection by-products dbps and three halogen-like carcinogenic substances thms. It is reported that almost all aquatic natural organic compounds may be chlorinated during the sterilization process, of which about half of the dissolved aquatic organism is the most important precursor to the production of THMs. The results show that dissolved humic acid is the main precursor of MX (a kind of sterilization by-product with strong mutagenicity) in natural water body, and some phenolic, aldehyde and aromatic acid compounds may play an important role in the formation of MX.

(3) Humic acid is one of the main environmental factors leading to Kashin-Beck disease. The residents ' drinking water in Kashin-Beck disease ward is often dark moist cellar water, not enough sunlight, the humic acid in water has less light solution, so the content is high.

(4) The Change of Humus (HS) property caused by acidification of water will affect the environment. With the continuous deterioration of human living environment, the formation of acid rain, lakes and other natural water in the decline in Ph. The organic nitrogen content of HS in water is increased, the proportion of hydrophobicsubstances and hydrophilic substances decreased, the content of carbon and the acidity of carboxyl group decreased, the content of oxygen and the acidity of phenol and aldehyde increased, which led to the toxicity of fish and the increase of primary production of phytoplankton and the disappearance of some main zooplankton species, and the decrease of giant plants, Increased number of epiphytic plants dealing with watersheds.

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