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Humic acid water-soluble Fertilizers Promote the integrative development of water and fertilizer
- Feb 05, 2018 -

In the past 2013 years, the integration of water and fertilizer in our country has been popularized and developed, and humic acid water-soluble fertilizers have played a vital role in the development of the integration of fertilizer and fertilizers. With the continuous development of agriculture, agricultural intensive management gradually showed its outstanding advantages, the change of fertilization mode and irrigation mode is an important aspect of the coordinated development of agricultural intensive management and environment.

From the past applicator, ditch application, and then flood irrigation into the current fertilizer supporting sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation system, on the one hand to avoid the waste of fertilizer and dust pollution, on the other hand, save irrigation water, reduce production costs. In this way, the quality of the fertilizer also put forward higher requirements, both the use of good results, and to meet the requirements of fertilization.

In drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation system, drip and sprinkler are the core devices. The minimum size of the Flow channel section varies between 0.3-1.0 mm. Because the drop head and nozzle flow path is small, so it is easy to cause the flow channel blockage.

The whole water-soluble fertilizer can dissolve in the water quickly, it is easier to absorb by the crop, and the absorption utilization rate is relatively high. More crucial is that it can be applied to spray irrigation and other facilities of agriculture, to achieve integration of water and fertilizer, to achieve the efficiency of provincial, fertilizer, labor and increase production, along with the development of facility agriculture and spraying drip irrigation fertilization, all water-soluble fertilizers become an inevitable trend, the dosage will be more and more big.

The United States has 25% of corn, 60% of potatoes, 32.8% of fruit trees using the integration of water and fertilizer technology, Israel, more than 90% of the agricultural use of integrated water and fertilizer technology.

The integration technology of water and fertilizer in China lags behind. China's existing orchards, corn, potatoes, sugarcane and other cultivation area of more than 1 billion acres, but the integration of water and fertilizer application ratio of only about 3%. (2012, the national water and fertilizer integration application area of about 35 million acres).

The quality of humic acid products in the market is different from that of the refining process. Those who use physical methods (such as wind selected) products, although the appearance of black, very fine, but not soluble in water, fulvic acid content is low, physiological activity is poor, it is difficult to use as sprinkler irrigation fertilizer and drip fertilizer.

The humic acid obtained by chemical method can reach more than 50%, even up to 90%, often sodium, potassium or ammonium humic acid salt, soluble in water, but also easy with other nutrients (NPK and trace elements) with, and therefore often used as liquid fertilizer raw materials, can also be single application, in the original solution concentration of about 5%-10%, But it is mostly mixed with fertilizer and nutrients, and made of humic acid water-soluble fertilizer. From the composition, humic acid water-soluble fertilizer is also an organic-inorganic compound fertilizer material.

The many fatty metal salts of phosphoric acid are almost insoluble in water, which is a difficult problem in the preparation of many-element liquid fertilizers. Because HA is not only the stimulating element of plant, but also the complexing and solubilization fertilizer of inorganic elements, the solubility of various phosphates in humic acid solution is greatly improved, which becomes an efficient organic-inorganic complexing fluid fertilizer. At present, many foreign famous brand liquid fertilizer is humic acid kind of material complex. The United States with a weathered brown coal made of liquid fertilizer best-selling Southeast Asia, and has entered the Chinese market.

Humic acid potassium and humic acid sodium have the advantages of soluble in water, resistant to hard soil, flocculation, no precipitation, etc., and are more beneficial to the fusion of water-soluble fertilizers, suitable for modern agricultural fertilization methods such as drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and infiltration irrigation.

Therefore, it is necessary to add humic acid and sodium humic acid in water-soluble fertilizers, which has the important significance of slow nitrogen, collateral phosphorus and potassium promotion. Humic acid used in water-soluble fertilizer spraying drip irrigation can reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer and greatly improve the effect of fertilizer.

The high active humic acid potassium is one of the best water-soluble fertilizers in green and organic agriculture, which accelerates the development of modern agriculture, water and fertilizer, reduces the dosage of fertilizers, improves the utilization rate of fertilizers, and greatly improves the quality of agricultural products. Therefore, the development of this kind of liquid fertilizer on the promotion of water and fertilizer integration of modern agricultural technology has important practical significance.

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