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Is humic acid a colloid?
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Humic acid industry often hear a word: "humic acid is a colloid", in fact, this word is poor. Humic acid is not colloidal in nature, colloid and "glue", "viscous" does not matter

What is Colloid? By chemical definition: the mixture of a substance dispersed from 1 to 100 nanometers into another body is called colloid. The turbid Yellow River water contains the extremely fine silt is the colloid, the haze weather air contains the extremely fine dust is the colloid, the soluble humic acid dissolves in the water the solution which forms is the colloid; However, the single existence of silt, dust, humic acid and weathered coal is not a mixture, it is not colloid.

Both the solution and the colloid are mixed, except that the particle size of the dispersed particles in the solution is generally much smaller. Another example of a solution to compare: salty salt water is a solution, said humic acid is colloid is equivalent to say nest is a solution, absurd bar.

The meaning of colloid 200 years ago has been different from the present. Colloid then refers to the colloidal substance, which corresponds to the crystal. The difference is particle size: crystals (such as nest) dissolved by ions or small molecules dispersed, colloidal substances (such as donkey gum, gelatin) dissolved in the presence of macromolecules. In which historical period, humic acid can be called colloid.

In this way, humic acid does have some relation with colloid in history.

Moreover, according to modern chemical theory, humic acid and colloid have a little common. There is a huge contact area between the two substances that form colloids, such as the contact area between sediment and water in the Yellow River, and the large contact area between humic acid and air, because the microstructure of humic acid is much more hollow.

The study of colloid and surface chemistry, which is inseparable from the surface of the contact surface, has been developed, and the substances and colloids of activated carbon and humic acid have been studied together. This is the common denominator of humic acid and colloid.

There is a relationship between humic acid and colloid, but it can not be said that humic acid is colloid.

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