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The function of high active humic acid
- Feb 05, 2018 -

High activity humic acid is the organic combination of microorganism and high quality humic acid, the product activity is high, the effect is obvious. Main Features:

First, improve the soil structure, promote the formation of aggregates, coordination of soil water, fertilizer, gas, heat conditions, can be ventilated, but also to protect water, not harden.

Second, to enhance the soil conservation and fertilizer capacity, to maintain a strong fertility, reduce the loss of effective nutrients, fertilizer time lasting, so that all kinds of quick-impact fertilizer by "violent, fierce, short" become "slow, steady, long."

Third, improve the soil acidity and alkalinity, reduce the side effects of toxic factors.

Iv. provide the nutrients needed for microbial life activities, promote the propagation and activity of microorganisms, and enhance the activity of microorganisms.

To improve fertilizer efficiency, the combination of humic acid and nitrogen, nitrogen production rate can be increased by about 10%, the utilization of phosphorus can be increased by more than one times.

Six, can early germination and increase germination and germination rate, with a certain concentration of humic acid soaking, can early germination 1-3 days, the emergence rate increased 10%-25%.

To promote rooting and improve the water absorption ability of root system, dip root with humic acid, crop root fast, root number more, root weight increase, and enhance the absorption ability of root to nutrients.

Eight, can enhance the development of reproductive organs, early flowering, increase pollination rate, increase grain weight, fruit weight.

Nine, to enhance crop stress resistance, the use of humic acid crops cold and drought resistance, disease resistance is significantly enhanced.

Ten, stimulate the growth and development of crops, the use of humic acid can enhance the activity of various enzymes, improve the ability of crops to absorb water and nutrients, enhance the ability of crop metabolism, accelerate growth and development, early maturation, improve quality.

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