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Various characteristics of humic acid
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Six main performance:

The long-term effect of organic manure, the quick-impact of inorganic fertilizer, the efficiency of biological fertilizer, the diversity of mineral fertilizers, the convenience of the universal fertilizer.

Ten functions:

Activating soil, fertilizing and conserving moisture, lifting compaction, high resistance to replantation, strong resistance to stress, stimulating development, accelerating growth, quality reduction, root development, green environmental protection.

Four selling points:

The highest content, the strongest activity, the highest price, the best service.

What is humic acid organic fertilizer?

It is called humic acid organic fertilizer to make use of different production methods to produce the oxygen, phosphorus, potassium and some trace elements which contain a large amount of humic acid and the growth and development of crops.

What is the difference between humic acid organic fertilizer and manure?

Manure to be fully cured, can be applied to the soil, and need to change for a long time, eventually converted into humic acid crops to absorb, and humic acid organic fertilizer to the crop directly provide the necessary nutrients, so it is more easily absorbed than manure, high utilization rate, quick results.

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