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Application Of Humic Acid Sodium In Feed Industry
- Mar 05, 2016 -

Application of humic acid sodium in poultry industry

The effect of humic acid sodium on egg laying rate, plasma composition and egg nutrition composition of hens was studied in Haidian district, Beijing. Selection of 1016 experimental chicks, the test group in the feed in proportion to add 1.5‰-2‰ (calculated by the pure amount), humic acid sodium content 79%, the results showed: ⑴ 80 days than the control in the average per chicken weight increased by 85.6g, increase weight 7.6%, significant difference (p<0.01) The mortality rate of ⑵ was lower than that of control group, 7.6% (p<0.05), and the date of egg production in ⑶ Group was 2-5 days earlier than that in control, and the average egg yield in 9 months was higher than that in control group 7.1% (p<0.01), and the ratio of egg to ⑷ Group was 3.06:1, and the control , the volume, the weight of egg whites and the concentration of protein were significantly higher than those in the control group.

This shows that humic acid sodium can reduce feed consumption, can improve feed remuneration, reduce costs.

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