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CAC Exhibition
- Mar 07, 2018 -

Sixth CAC Awards Selected Shortlisted Companies

In accordance with the development needs of the industry, the 19th China International Agricultural Chemicals and Plant Protection Exhibition (CAC2018) Organizing Committee specially launched the "6th CAC Award" selection activities. It is hoped that through this activity, it will fully demonstrate its overseas market expansion capabilities and achievements, demonstrate its product supply capabilities and quality, promote corporate brand culture, business philosophy, product management, and operating achievements, and further expand its corporate influence to make it more global. Potential customer attention.

The awards for this selection activity are set as follows:

1) Top 20 pesticide exporters in 2017 in China

2) 2017 Overseas Market Development Award

3) 2017 China Fertilizer Exporters

4) Recommended suppliers of CAC2018

Since the launch of the selection campaign, relevant companies have actively applied for participation and have received more than 100 application materials. More than 30,000 people participated in the WeChat voting and Internet voting activities of the “CAC2018 Recommended Suppliers” and the cumulative votes cast exceeded 33,000.

Through the careful review of the company's participation data, combined with the voting situation, the development of the company's international markets, and the participation of CAC related activities, the short-listed companies named “CAC2018 Recommended Suppliers, 2017 Overseas Market Development Awards, 2017 China Excellent Fertilizer Exporters” were selected. The list is as follows:Qingdao Haijingling Seaweed Biotechnology Group .,Ltd


In 2017, the top 20 pesticide exporters in China were selected. The enterprises voluntarily applied the data. Through comparison with the customs export data, the International Exchange and Service Division of the Ministry of Agriculture's National Institute of Pesticide Verification examined and checked and selected the top 20 pesticide exporters in 2017 in China.



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