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Characteristics Of Amino Acid Fertilizer
- May 05, 2017 -


1, can provide more comprehensive nutrition for plants, can do foliar fertilizer, concentrated fertilizer, liquid fertilizer raw materials;

2, this product can supplement the fish meal processing process in the loss of the most effective 20% nutrients, or to supplement the fish processing of fish meal nutrient not comprehensive amino acids, contains a variety of animals necessary for a full range of nutrients amino acid effective ingredients, can supplement all kinds of essential amino acids, In particular, make up the essential amino acids that are easy to be deficient in conventional feed and plant feed, and use the principle of "cask effect" of balanced amino acids to increase the effect on other nutrients;

3, this product contains a variety of nutrients by microbial fermentation after the ionic state is completely soluble in water, conducive to the absorption and use of aquatic animals, can replace fish meal supplementary nutrition suitable for aquatic animals to feed, rapid growth, special aquaculture to replace fish meal cost-effective effective;

4, the product by the special process spray drying, the volume of light weight, weight only half of the ordinary feed, especially suitable for the production of puffed aquatic feed, fish and shrimp, sea fishes open materials;

5, this product is rich in cystine, tyrosine, serine can promote the growth of livestock and poultry fur, pork skin ruddy, shiny hair color, yellow chicken can increase the color brightness, comb chicken foot colors;

6, add fragrance, promote animal appetite, this product glutamate content is high, with the regulation of taste, promote the efficacy of animal appetite, aquatic feed can replace betaine to increase the palatability of feed;

7, this product is added to fermented soybean meal, fermentation feed, is conducive to balance microbial nutrition needs, promote the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, fermentation faster and better more thorough;

8, has certain adhesion ability, has the protection feed nutrient dissipation and enhances the pellet feed stereotypes the function.

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