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Demand For Natural Pigment Complex Solutions To Grow
- Dec 05, 2017 -

The market trend of natural pigments is still bullish in recent years. One of the pepper extracts in the top ten in China's exports, radish red pigment and cabbage red pigment export volume ranked the top 65. The variety of natural pigments, and its development model is constantly updated according to current market trends.

At present, the product solutions, such as the multiplex method, are the newest form of product trend in line with the terminal demand. The complex natural pigments are especially popular in the food field of our country, of course, in the UK, Korea, Southeast Asia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and other countries and regions are also applied. And recently the United States has introduced policies to limit the use of synthetic pigments in food and health products, this initiative is undoubtedly a natural pigment market provides a new opportunity. In the introduction of products, tasteless radish red pigment after processing is still in the research stage. The current market growth rate of complex natural pigments is about 10%, mainly in domestic food industry manufacturers. Future markets are expected to remain in growth.

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