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HaiJingLingGroup 2018 Expansion Training
- Sep 18, 2018 -

If you can use the power, you will be invincible in the world; if you can use the wisdom, you will be fearless of the saints. ——Three Kingdoms·Sun Quan拓展1.jpg

In September 2018, the sun was shining and the sun was burning. Members of the Sea Whale Group went to the Yangkou Coast of Laoshan District in Qingdao for a two-day outdoor development training. Let the company members enhance team cohesion and communication and cooperation in a relaxed atmosphere, and become a strong team that works together, takes the initiative, and goes forward.

1.Team Show

All members were divided into three teams according to the guidance, brainstorming, and the directors of each exhibition designed the team flag, team logo, and slogan.

After the team flag design is completed, the three small teams will display the team's vitality and style, build a sense of team honor and compete fiercely.


2. The Team Three Off

At noon, the sun shines on the beach, the sand is hot on the ankles, jumping on the uneven pad, and carrying the teammates forward.

Blowing the balloon to open the journey of Shaoguan, eight people have a total of A4 paper, the Eight Immortals across the sea show their magical powers, the wind and rain are standing still.


3.Ten People And Nine Feet


Ten people stood in a row, and two neighbors ran leggings. Each partner is required to have a high concentration of attention and strictly follow the team's slogan. If one person falls, it will affect the whole team. In addition to coordination, it is more necessary to help and encourage the partners.

4. Hanno Tower

The team stepped through Hanno Tower and walked one step at a time, testing everyone's wisdom and teamwork.

5.High Altitude Challenge



High-altitude challenges are fearless, overcome difficulties, overcome fear, and defeat yourself. Climb the high platform, walk to the middle and cross the board to the other side of the high platform, and then come down from the vacancy in the middle. The handsome whales of the sea whales all passed the challenge, and the beautiful women were not as good as the eyebrows. The seemingly difficult thing on the surface is not as terrible as it is imagined. In work and life, it is not terrible to encounter difficulties. The fear is to lose the courage and confidence to solve the difficulties!

Tram line, ten people

Struggling to move forward, no one can do it. 拓展9.jpg

Trust backs, empathy, and mutual trust. Trust and trust are a very rare thing, and it is a great honor. Believe in yourself, believe in teammates, and live up to the trust of teammates.


Ultimate challenge - graduation wall

Story Legend ~~~ In the history of the West Point Military Academy, there is such a story in the 46th issue. On the night before the students graduated, the last water patrol mission before leaving school was carried out, because without careful driving, the patrol boat hit the tanker on the sea, because it was late at night, no one noticed it. At that time, all the students at West Point were very anxious. At this time, if they wanted to survive, they could only climb the deck of the tanker up to 4.2 meters. There were no climbing tools on the boat, and the students climbed onto the deck by means of a ladder.


Graduation Wall Rules: All members of the team climbed a smooth wall with a height of 4.2 meters within the prescribed time. In the process, everyone can not rely on any external tools, including clothes, belts, ropes, etc. The resources that can be used are only the bodies of everyone.

First of all, through competition, eight partners were selected as the ladder. When the battle songs sounded, the heroic partners ran to the graduation wall and set up the ladder. The other partners stepped on the shoulders of the ladder partners and stepped forward. climb. The partner of the Gandang ladder is the hardest and the mainstay of our team, bearing the weight of all the partners.

 E-mail:qdjl11@jlfert.com 拓展14.jpg

Man ladder

The first warrior, stepping on their shoulders, turned over the graduation wall in everyone's protection. The first person pulled up the second person, and the two joined forces to pull up the third person. 拓展15.jpg

When there is a heavyweight partner, the atmosphere is very tense. The wall was almost stepped on. The above partner was responsible for the handle, or the partner below was responsible for the foot. It was difficult to bear the burden, but the hearts of the people were unprecedented unity, and they tried their best to help him cross the wall.拓展13.jpg

 The hardest part is how the last little friend goes up. At this time, there is no ladder at the bottom, and he can't reach the partner above no matter how high he jumps. Under the negotiation, the penultimate person stepped on the ladder to reach the partner above, and the last person climbed his legs. The above partners pulled them together.拓展12.jpg

When he both successfully crossed the graduation wall, everyone cheered.

The entire team of 29 people, with 5 minutes and 33 seconds all over the graduation wall. Test the cooperation and trust of our team of sea whales, thank you as the partners of the 8 people as ladders, more than 20 partners stepped on their shoulders, sweat, sand filled with clothes, shoulders were stepped out of red blood marks. Their dedication and dedication paid for the success of the team.





The company's growth and development requires the strategizing generals, the warriors who are in charge of the battle, and the many dedicated employees who work together in the same boat, and share the glory and shame. Everyone strives for the common goal and strives to achieve the best results.

Although the time of two days and one night is not long, the sentiment is quite deep. The true team spirit is that everyone can concentrate on each job and closely link their interests, future and destiny with the team, fully embody and challenge themselves, so that our team can be in a fierce market. The competition is always invincible, making all the possibilities possible.拓展 20.png

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