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Main Uses Of Humic Acid Products In Agriculture
- Nov 25, 2017 -

Main uses of humic acid products in agriculture

1, can promote cell division and growth stimulate the root germination of crops, can be used as natural root powder, but also can be used for crop mixing and leaching root use.

2, can greatly improve the self-interest sugar content of crops, so that crops have resistance to wilt, prevent rot disease, root rot, reduce disease and pest, reduce plant leaf stomatal opening intensity, reduce leaf transpiration, so that the plant water condition is improved, is a natural strong drought-resistant agent.

3, improve the soil structure, promote the formation of soil aggregates, accelerate the decomposition and transformation of organic matter, especially for the long-term single use of chemical fertilizers, machine repair, land caused by the compaction has a significant effect of soil improvement.

4, medium and soil acid-base, harmonic soil ph value, increase trace elements from the root to the leaf or other parts of the number of operations, accelerate the absorption of various metabolic primary products, thereby improving the quality of agricultural products.

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