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The 18th AgroChemEx Exhibition
- Oct 27, 2018 -

China now plays an important role in pesticide production in the world. It is the biggest pesticide producer currently, whose export volume reached 1.47 million tonnes in 2017. Additionally, China is able to product 600+ active ingredients, 300+ out of which are produced usually with the support of its 500+ technical manufacturers.

With this background, China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) started its AgroChemex Exhibition in 2005, and now it has proved to be a valuable platform for the exchange of information and business development opportunities.


Exhibition Featuring:

12,000 exhibition visitors from 80 countries

700 exhibitors all in pesticide, fertilizer industry

500 technical manufactures


Exhibits Profile:

Pesticide: Technical/formulation

Additive:Raw material, intermediate, adjuvant

Fertilizer:Nitrogenous fertilizer, compound fertilizer, seaweed fertilizer, humic acid

Equipment:Processing, lab/testing, labeling and packing, spraying, unmanned aerial vehicle

Service:Laboratory, consultance, training, research & development, technology, investment


Why attend:

You can have opportunity to talk with the decision-makers of manufactures

You can be guaranteed a good price and stable supply, for autumn is the planning season for Chinese manufacture

You can find the ideal supplier easily through our Procurement Matchmaking Program and Buyers Guide


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