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The 2nd Secondary Distribution Mode Summit
- Jul 17, 2018 -

On July 17, Qingdao Haijingling Group (hereinafter referred to as “Hai Jingling Group”) successfully held the “Second Secondary Distribution Mode Summit of Hai Wing Ling Group” at the Wyndham Hotel Qingdao Xinjiang. Li Guomin, President of Ling Group, Chen Xinghai, General Manager of Sales, Yang Jucai, Director of Promotion Department, Dr. Yang Manli, Technical Director, and more than 100 core customers from all over the country participated in the summit, agricultural headlines, Southern Rural Newspaper, Agricultural Materials and other media. Invited to do live coverage.


Unique enzymatic hydrolysis technology


                                                                     Dr. Yang Manli

According to Dr. Yang Manli, seaweed fertilizer is the fourth largest type of fertilizer developed after chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer and biological fertilizer. The active ingredients of seaweed fertilizer are mainly seaweed (oligo) sugar, plant hormone, betaine, various Mineral nutrients, after plant absorption, can form a sugar-calcium complex, breaking the steady state balance in the plant and regulating the hormone balance in the plant. Thanks to the unique low-temperature oriented bio-enzymatic technology, it releases the original and more active seaweed polysaccharides, phenolic multi-polymer, mannitol, betaine, plant growth regulation and other substances, and the activity of raw materials of sea whale spirit The substance was completely preserved. Due to its unique efficacy, its development has been highly recognized by the market from questioning to the present. Seaweed fertilizer conforms to the environmental protection concept of the new era, and the future market will be even more popular.

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                                                                        Li Guomin

The advantage of the Sea Whale Group is the raw material products, which are very strong in the export of the products. Before 2008, Hai Wing Ling focused on production and processing. After 2008, Hai Wing Ling will continue to create more competitive products for domestic customers with unique raw materials, innovative technologies and differentiated marketing methods. service. At the summit, Li Guomin, president of Hai Wing Ling, pointed out that in the 2018 take-off period, the sea whale spirit sales target is 180 million, and the sales volume in the 2019 breakthrough period is 250 million. It will be listed on the GEM in 2020.


                                                             Team live image display


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