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The 5th China Liquid Fertilizer Industry Development Forum
- Jul 27, 2018 -


In 2018 (the 5th) China Liquid Fertilizer Industry Development Forum was successfully held in Shenzhen. 


Gao Xiangzhao, the expert of the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center of the Agriculture Ministry , stressed that the country promotes the rural revitalization strategy and promote rural green development. Industrial development is important. 


Professor Shen Hong introduced the application of seaweed function of water soluble fertilizer. He said that seaweed fertilizer has a wide range of advantages,for example:green environmental protection, strong resistance, comprehensive nutrition, improved soil, cold and frost resistance and application.  At the same time, it is necessary to continuously innovate process technology, develop industry standards, increase research and development efforts, and develop Biostimulating hormone products with remarkable effects.


Seaweed liquid fertilizer is one of the new development directions of fertilizer. With its uniform application, labor saving and fertilizer utilization, it has great development space in the future. The addition of medium and trace elements to liquid fertilizers has outstanding effects on enhancing crop resistance, increasing crop yield and improving crop quality.


2-Alginic acid fertilizer standard officially implemented


In order to promote the benign development of the seaweed fertilizer industry, fully tap the breakthrough point of the new fertilizer market. The “Alginate Fertilizer Industrialization Development Summit Forum” sponsored by the New Fertilizer Professional Committee of the China Society of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer and co-organized by Kaimenzi Fertilizer Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Wuhan. 

The forum invited a number of top experts and entrepreneurs in the industry to make a keynote report on the development of the alginic acid fertilizer industry. Such as: weight the quantity of fertilizer and improve efficiency, alginic acid compound industrialization promotion road; value-added fertilizer new industry report; seaweed Biostimulating hormone application in fertilizer field; seaweed fertilizer technology conversion report, etc.... create a new era of alginic acid fertilizer! !


Alginic acid fertilizer(seaweed extract fertilizer) products, which belong to the category of bio-stimulants.They are highly competitive in the market. As a new type of fertilizer, alginic acid fertilizer has the advantages of improving fertilizer utilization rate and improving soil condition. It can not only improve the effective absorption and utilization of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but also regulate the effects of soil fertilizer, water, gas and temperature. To improve crop drought resistance, cold resistance, and mites resistance, reduce crop soil-borne diseases and hazards, and significantly increase crop yield and quality.


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