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Three Main Functions Of Organic Fertilizer Containing Humic Acid Sodium
- Jan 01, 2018 -

The organic fertilizer containing humic acid can promote the formation of soil structure, improve the pore condition, improve the cationic absorption property of soil, increase the capacity of soil fertility, enhance soil buffering system, improve acidic soil, and promote the activity of soil beneficial microorganisms. Its specific:

1, is advantageous in the soil water, the fertilizer, the gas, the heat condition adjustment. When the aggregate structure of the soil becomes better, its bulk density decreases and the porosity increases with good permeability. Because of the color depth of humic acid fertilizer, the absorption of solar energy is favorable. When humic acid fertilizers are decomposed by microorganisms, the heat is released, especially when the early spring crop seedlings are unearthed, which can increase the ground temperature and play an cold role.

2, promote the formation of soil aggregates. Humic acid ammonium can promote the formation of soil aggregates, the application of organic fertilizer to soil can also improve the soil structure, which is mainly through the slow transformation of soil microorganisms, if the regular application of humic acid fertilizer will accelerate the conversion process.

3, promote the activity of soil microorganism. After the application of humic acid fertilizers in soil, the activity of microorganism in soil was intensified, especially the increase of nitrogen-fixing bacteria in soil, the content of nitrate increased obviously, and the nutrients of soil were enriched, and the nutrition condition of crop root was improved.

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