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What Is Organic Food
- Feb 04, 2018 -

Organic food refers to from the organic agricultural production system, the origin environment conforms to the related standard, has established the strict quality management system, does not use the chemical synthesis fertilizer, the pesticide, the growth regulator and the animal feed additive in the production process, does not use the genetic engineering technology and the product, and through legal institutions according to the organic food related standards certification to obtain certification for people to eat a class of food, including cereals, vegetables, fruits, beverages, milk, spices, oil, aquatic products.

Organic food This term is from English Organic Food literal translation, although not as good as the green food image intuitive, but abroad generally accepted Organic Food (organic food) this term. Organic food is also called ecological or biological food in other languages. The word "organic" here is not a chemical concept. Organic food refers to the organic agricultural production system, according to the international organic agricultural production requirements and the corresponding standards of production and processing, and through independent

Organic food Certification Body certification of all agricultural and sideline products, including food, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, poultry and livestock products, honey, aquatic products, spices and so on. In addition to organic food, there are organic cosmetics, textiles, forest products, biological pesticides, organic fertilizers, they are collectively referred to as organic products.

The most significant difference between organic food and other high quality food in China is that the former prohibits the use of artificial synthetic substances such as pesticides, fertilizers and hormones during their production and processing, while the latter allows limited use of these substances. Therefore, the production of organic food is more difficult than other foods, the need to establish a new production system, the use of appropriate alternative technology.

Organic food needs to meet the following conditions:

(1) Raw materials must be derived from the established organic agricultural production system, or the use of organic methods to collect wild natural products;

(2) products in the whole production process strictly follow the organic food processing, packaging, storage, transport standards;

(3) Producers in the organic food production and circulation process, there is a sound quality control and tracking system, there is a complete production and sales record files;

(4) must be certified by an independent organic food certification body.

Organic food is a kind of environment-friendly safe food, which originates from nature, nutrition and high quality.

Organic food concept: organic food (Organic Food) is an international generic term, "organic" here is not a chemical concept, but refers to the adoption of an organic farming and processing methods, in this way production and processing, products in line with international or national organic food requirements and standards, and through the National Accreditation Certification Body certification of agricultural and sideline products and their processing products, known as organic food, including food, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, poultry and livestock products, honey, aquatic products, spices and so on.

The standard of conventional food, pollution-free food, green food, organic food and the definition of organic food are different from other foods.

Conventional food: For the Common people, conventional food is in the market and vegetable farmers direct purchase of fruits and vegetables. For pesticides, fertilizers, such as the use of no restrictions, breaking the normal cycle of food growth, many of the use of genetically-transformed accessories to meet the needs of people for health busy. The phenomenon of ripening is very common, and the harm to people's health is obvious.

Pollution-free food: For the origin of ecological environment requirements clean, in accordance with the specific technical procedures for production, the content of the pest control within the stipulated standards, and approved by authorized departments, to allow the use of food pollution-free signs. Pollution-free food pay attention to the safety and quality of products, its standard requirements are not very high.

Green Food: Requirements According to the production of a specific mode of operation, certified by the specialized agencies to permit the use of green food logo pollution-free safe, high-quality, nutritious food. Because of the environment-related things are usually the crown of "green", in order to more prominent this kind of food from a good ecological environment, so named as Green food.

Organic Food: Requirements for production and processing must strictly follow the organic food production, collection, processing, packaging, storage, transport standards, the prohibition of the use of genetic engineering technology and the product and its derivatives. Establish strict quality management system, production process control system and tracking system, organic food must be certified by Organic food certification organization and issued certificates.

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