• Granular Fertilizer Prices

    Granular Fertilizer Prices

    Amino Acid≥5%,Humic Acid≥10%,Organic Matter≥30%,Seaweed Extract:5%,trace element(Cu,Fe,Mn,Zn,B)≥1%,Moisture<5%, Our granular fertilizer ,Selected organic raw materials, processed in high technology in our reliable factories .We provide customers the best products, Without...Read More

  • Granular Fertilizer for Vegetables

    Granular Fertilizer for Vegetables

    We are NPK fertilizer company and wholesale N PK fertilizer for vegetables. Our organic NPK fertilizer is hot selling all over the world. Seaweed granular fertilizer is based on soybean meal residue as raw material .It is organic fertilizer .Our products passed IMO and...Read More

  • Granular Fertilizer Application

    Granular Fertilizer Application

    Amino Acid≥5%,Humic Acid≥10%,Organic Matter≥35%,Seaweed Extract:5%,trace element(Cu,Fe,Mn,Zn,B)≥1%,Moisture<5%,PH:6-8, Delivery Time If we have inventory, generally we can arrange shipment after receipt of payment 3 to 10 days. If not, it will be decided by the time of the...Read More

  • Seaweed Soluble Fertilizer

    Seaweed Soluble Fertilizer

    General organic algal organisms contain more than 10% organic matter, such as Hexin Algae, which contains 30% organic matter. Sufficient organic matter facilitates the formation of soil aggregates, enhances soil permeability, and facilitates microbial population reproduction...Read More

  • Seaweed Based Foliar Fertilizer

    Seaweed Based Foliar Fertilizer

    The biological fertilizer made from seaweed seaweed as the main raw material and scientifically processed is mainly composed of natural biological active substances that are beneficial to the growth and development of plants extracted from seaweed, and mineral nutrients that...Read More

  • Granular Fertilizer Supplier

    Granular Fertilizer Supplier

    Amino Acid≥5%,Humic Acid≥10%,Organic Matter≥25%,Seaweed Extract:5%,trace element(Cu,Fe,Mn,Zn,B)≥1%,Moisture<5%,PH:6-8, We specialize in the production, processing, refrigeration and distribution Product Lines 1. Soli amendment and improvement products: promotes a healthier...Read More

  • Chitosan organic fertilizer nematicidal

    Chitosan organic fertilizer nematicidal

    U-Lemei-II Chitosan Pesticide Fertilizer prevent the mematodes activities and effects on roots,produce the resistance factor for bacteria,virus,fungus and nematodes.Read More

  • biological fertilisers

    biological fertilisers

    when spray our water soluble fertilzier on the leaves, it will stick on the leaves and the droplet will expand rapidly on whole leaves.Improvement of absorption and utilization of crops. 30-60kg/ha according different crops We are trying to meet their customers” requirements,...Read More

  • Seaweed Extract 2% Seaweed Functional Fertilizer

    Seaweed Extract 2% Seaweed Functional Fertilizer

    Seaweed fertilizer mainly refers to natural household organic fertilizer made from marine algae to extract active ingredients in seaweed, and other farmers call it seaweed plant growth agent, seaweed extract, seaweed ash and other names. Seaweed fertilizer is widely used in...Read More

  • Water Soluble Fertilizers Manufacturers

    Water Soluble Fertilizers Manufacturers

    The quality of our water soluble fertilizer is the key to our success . We have advanced and professional equipment. The fertilizer dissolved in water, with irrigation, border irrigation, drip irrigation and even, etc., a large number of nutrients rich in fertilizer will be...Read More

  • OUMIKA Seaweed Extract Vigoroot Fertilizer

    OUMIKA Seaweed Extract Vigoroot Fertilizer

    Seaweed fertilizer can improve the soil, fertilize the soil, promote the development of crop roots, and prevent the occurrence of soil-borne diseases.Read More

  • Water Soluble Fertilizer Organic

    Water Soluble Fertilizer Organic

    Our organic Water Soluble Fertilizer is for vegetable and fruits, such as tomato, potato, flowers, tea, coco, tobacco. free sample is available before the order.Our package :white bag or colouful bag.We can meet all your requirements. We have:13-7-40, 20-20-20,15-15-1,...Read More