• organic fertilizer for fruits and vegetables

    organic fertilizer for fruits and vegetables

    Since the main seaweed material is selected from natural seaweed and high-quality strains, it is produced through advanced biochemical extraction and deep liquid fermentation, and no hormone is added during the entire production process. And the seaweed fertilizer not only...Read More

  • Potassium Fulvic Acid

    Potassium Fulvic Acid

    humic acid fulvic acid potassium salt k2o benefits for agriculture Potassium humate is extracted with high quality humic acid and extracted with potassium hydroxide. Potassium humic acid is an economical Potassium Humate organic fertilizer. For agriculture: can be used...Read More

  • Liquid seaweed extract in agriculture

    Liquid seaweed extract in agriculture

    The latest generation of natural sugar alcohol chelating technology and alginic acid adsorption technology. No need to consume any energy to directly infiltrate plant phloem and xylem dual channel transport Low molecular weight, it is easily absorbed by the leaves, the...Read More

  • Fulvic Acid

    Fulvic Acid

    Product Description Fulvic acid products are extracted from natural plants,which contain high content of fulvic acid and rich in bioactivity,besides,there is a small amount of other elements in the products.This product consists of pure organic ingredients.No inorganic...Read More

  • Seaweed Extract Fertilizer Liquid

    Seaweed Extract Fertilizer Liquid

    Since the seaweed fertilizer contains special strains for controlling crop diseases, it can be used to reduce the number of diseased bacteria in the soil, to treat bacteria, to increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the soil, to improve the micro-ecological environment...Read More

  • Amino Acid Plant Nutrition

    Amino Acid Plant Nutrition

    Appearance: light yellow powder Smell: aromatic smell Water solubility: completely soluble in water This compound amino acids powder is obtained from the hydrolyzed protein, containing 17 kinds of free amino acids, perfect water solubility, quite stable chemical properties...Read More

  • shrimp shell fertilizer

    shrimp shell fertilizer

    The seaweed fertilizer itself contains more than ten kinds of trace elements such as iron, zinc, boron, magnesium, calcium, etc. that are required by vegetables. After the special treatment of the active ingredients, it is in an active state that is easily absorbed by the...Read More

  • Amino Acid Rooting Fertilizer

    Amino Acid Rooting Fertilizer

    Amino Acid was extracted by enzymolysis and the total Nitrogen is above 14%.The Essential amino acids was 40% at least. Compound Amino Acid in powder Shipment Our certificateRead More

  • OUMIKA Sea Precious Seaweed Fertilizer

    OUMIKA Sea Precious Seaweed Fertilizer

    Seaweed fertilizer can add crop resistance and has a significant growth-promoting effect on crops. The increase rate is generally about 10%. Seaweed fertilizer can effectively improve the development of crop roots, stimulate the vitality of crop cells, enhance the...Read More

  • Fish Protein Powder

    Fish Protein Powder

    It is extracted from bone of cod. 100% Natural &Organic Decrease harvest date and i ncreases yields. Fish protein powder Liquid fish protein fertilizer 20KG bag packing 1. Application To be used as foliar and root fertilizer 2. Package 20KG/Bag for fish protein in powder...Read More

  • seaweed algae extract

    seaweed algae extract

    Seaweed fertilizer is a natural biological agent that directly causes soil or plants to add organic matter to the soil and activate various microorganisms in the soil. A natural compound contained in the seaweed fertilizer can promote the formation of soil aggregate...Read More

  • Fish Protein Plant Nutrition

    Fish Protein Plant Nutrition

    Blue transparent viscous liquid 1.Specification Ca ≥200g/l, N ≥100g/l,MgO ≥25g/l PH:6-8 Used on strawberry 1. Application Dilute with water 1:400, foliar spray It is easily to be absorbed, can improves the diseases resistance, the consistency of the vegetal tissues and fruits...Read More

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