Alga Extract Flake

Alga Extract Flake

Five advantages of seaweed fertilizers: 1.Seaweed fertilizer was more nutritious than traditional fertilizer,the growth of crops was balanced after application,the effect of increasing yield was remarkable,the absence of elements is rare. 2.Seaweed fertilizer contains a large number of disease resistance factors and special components.After crop application, the resistance to disease was significantly enhanced, and leaf spraying could improve the efficacy of pesticides. 3.Seaweed fertilizer contains a large number of high active ingredients, the plant easy to absorb.When applied, crops will grow vigorously, which can obviously improve yield and crop quality. 4.Algal fertilizer is rich in organic matter and slow-release factors, which can improve soil microecology, promote root and resist stubble. 5.Algae fertilizer is safe and pollution-free

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Alga extract flake

The raw material of Haijingling Seaweed fertilizer is from the wild large brown alga kelp and Ascophyllum Nodosum without pollution.

Haijingling seaweed biotechnology group adopts the international advanced low temperature biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology to degrade the big molecules in the algae into small molecule active factors, and to retain the most natural bioactive substances, such as alginate, betaine, mannitol, endogenous, growth hormone, and biostimulating hormone.


Conventional Varieties:

Item No.Product Name

Oumika Alga Pro


Alginic Acid≥25%,N:0.8%-1.2%,P2O5:2%-4%,

K2O≥20-22%,OM≥45-50%, PH: 8-11


Oumika Alga X 


Alginic Acid≥18%, N≥0.8%,P2O5≥2%,

K2O≥16%-18,OM≥45%, PH: 8-11


Alginic Acid≥17%, N≥0.5%,P2O5≥1.5%,

K2O≥16%,OM≥45%, PH: 8-11


Alginic Acid≥15%, N≥0.5%,P2O5≥1%,

K2O≥15%,OM≥50%, PH: 8-11


Alginic Acid≥12%, N≥0.5%,P2O5≥1%,

K2O≥14%,OM≥55%, PH: 8-11

Comparision with seaweed fertilizer

Alginate can reduce the surface tension of the water in the form a layer of thin film on the surface of plant, increase the contact area, makes it easier to water soluble substances through the cell membrane into the plant cell, stem leaf surface plant most efficiently absorb the nutrients in seaweed extract, so if the seaweed liquid fertilizer and pesticide, fungicide, and mixed use chemical fertilizers, the effect is much better, can reduce the cost of spraying, has a synergistic effect on pesticides and chemical fertilizers.Natural antibiotics contained in alginate are reported to have antiviral effect.The raw material of seaweed fertilizer is selected from natural algae, which has a good affinity with terrestrial plants, is non-toxic and harmless to human beings and animals, and is pollution-free to the environment.

seaweed extract effect

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