Alga Extract Powder

Alga Extract Powder

Advantage for the Alga extract powder fertilizer: High content of polysaccharides extracted from natural seaweed, significantly enhance plants resistance to stress, promote rooth growth and plants development, improve crops quality and fruits flavor, increase desirable yield. Help to build good soil structure, improve soil fertility and nutrient uptake for plants.

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Product Details


100% water soluble Alga Extract Powder

alga extract

Main ingredients:

Seaweed polysaccharides30%
Organic matter
ColorLight beige


Application method:

1.Foliar spray should be diluted by 1:1000-1500

   (1)One picking crops:Apply 3-4 times in growing period

   (2)Several picking crops:Apply after each picking

2.Drip irrigation should be diluted by 1:2000-3000, apply 3-4 times in growing period

3.Dosage is 1-2kg//ha

Kindly note:

  1. Suggest apply in the morning or evening to get better effect.

  2. Re-spray if it rains within 8 hours after spraying


Usually we use 20kg kraft bag when delivering.

The picture for packaging is as followed:


Any specific requirements for the package are accepted.


Any question or inquiry, please feel free to contact us:

Contact person: Ms.Cherry Jee

Mobile: 0086-18615324103 (Also WeChat & WhatsApp)

Email: or

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