Concentrated Laminaria Extracted Fertilizer Seaweed Acid Liquid

Concentrated Laminaria Extracted Fertilizer Seaweed Acid Liquid

Increases microbiological activity in the soil. Increases the capacity of retaining and exchanging soil nutrients. Improves absorption of nutrients for plants through both the roots and the leaves. Improves the growth of roots.

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Product Details

Concentrated Laminaria extracted fertilizer seaweed

Organic matter
More than 200g/L
More than 100g/L
Alginic acidMore than 90g/L

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Product Feature:

1.Strong rooting, multiple rooting, early rooting, thick stem, large roots

2.Resistance to re-plant, root development ability is more than two times than normal at low temperature, the main root is strong, lateral root is dense, many fibrous roots. It can enhance the ability of plants to absorb water and fertilizer. The yellow leaves, curly leaves, fern leaves, weak seadings turn green and shiny in three days.

3.Prevent root aging, new root growth, avoid root rot, retting root, dead root, red root, black root and weak root. Improve the ability of crops to resist cold, frost and flood. Improve its anti-pest's ability.

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