Natural Bio Organic Certified Fertilizer Granular

Natural Bio Organic Certified Fertilizer Granular

Product appearance:Dark brown granule, water soluble, granular size:2mm-4mm Content:N-P2O5-K2O>7%, Organic Matter:30%,Seaweed Extract>5%, Microelement>1% Applying Crops:Vegetables, fruits trees, tomato,coffee, cucumber, flowers, tea and so on. Currently, our seaweed fertilizer has the following forms: seaweed powder fertilizer (convenient for transportation), seaweed flake fertilizer, seaweed liquid fertilizer and seaweed mushy fertilizer.

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Natural bio organic certified fertilizer granular

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Seaweed extract in granular form   
Source: natural Ascophyllum Nodosum 


Our seaweed fertilizer is mainly used in agricultural crops, fruit trees,
land scaping, gardening, pastures, grains and horticultural crops, etc.

Soil Application:
For Fruit Trees: 3-5kg/plant, once a year
For Field Crops: 600-800kg/ha before planting, once a crop season
Vegetables: 2400-4800kg/ha before planting, once a crop season

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