Seaweed Algal Acid Extract Flake Fertilizer

Seaweed Algal Acid Extract Flake Fertilizer

Advantage:1.Complete nutrition:Not only provide NPK,but also various medium and micro elements which are needed by crops. 2.Soil friendly:No harm to soil,repairing and improving the soil while providing nutrients.Gradually form a good soil environment. 3.Growth hormone function:To promote the growth of crops naturally and effectively.It's safe for crops, food and environment.

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Product Details

Seaweed extract flake

1.We adopt enzymatic technology to release all active nutrients of seaweed.

2.Rich in alginate oligosaccharides. Molecular weight less than 2000, easy to plant uptake, while the other factories' products Molecular weight more than 5000.

3.100% water soluble

4.Natural and Organic. In water there is a touch of Natural sea smell.

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Alginate acid: More than 25%

N: 0.8%-1.2%

P2O5: 2%-4%

K2O: More than 20-22%,

OM: 45-50%

PH: 8-11

COA certificate:


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