Seaweed Extract Powder Organic best liquid Fertilizer for vegetables

Seaweed Extract Powder Organic best liquid Fertilizer for vegetables

protect the crops and improve the quality. enough elements for the growth of crops. much more present of K2O, in order to increase the growth of leaves. seaweed extract privide more organic matter for growing and improving the soil condition.

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Product Details

    Sea whales spirit is China's first specialized in the production of seaweed fertilizer normal manufacturer, the company production and sales integration organization, the company as a supplier of seaweed fertilizer for more than a decade, seaweed extract, seaweed fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, fish protein organic fertilizer and chitin fertilizer sold at home and abroad, and by the vast number of consumers.Sea whales spirit set independent production and independent research and development in a body, at the same time of constantly improve the quality of products, constantly optimize the product, gradually increase the effective products in the entire history of the organic fertilizer market competitiveness!

                                      1. Appearance        Black

                                      2. Odour                Seaweed Smell

                                      3. Solubility in water100%

                                      4. Moisture        ≤5%

                                      5. PH                9.6

                                      6. Organic Matter        55.11%

                                      7. Alginic acid        26.2%

                                      8. Mannitol        1.52%

                                      9. Amino Acid        1.88%

                                      10. Betaine        42ppm

                                      11. Nitrogen (N)        0.8%

                                      12. Phosphorus (P2O5)3.75%

                                      13. Potassium (K2O)21.77%

                                      14. Sulphur (S)        0.5%

                                      15. Calcium (Ca)        0.2%

                                      16. Magnesium (Mg)0.4%

                                      17. Sodium (Na)        1.8%

                                      18. Boron (B)        300ppm

                                      19. Indole acid        15ppm

                                      20. Iron (Fe)        226ppm

                                      21. Iodine (I)        720ppm

                                      22. Manganese (Mn)2ppm

                                      23. Cytokinins        295ppm

                                      24. Gibberellins        310ppm

                                      25. Zinc (Zn)        12ppm

                                      26. Copper (Cu)        10ppm

                                      27. Cadmium (Cd)        N/D

                                      28. Nickel(Ni)        N/D

                                      29. Plumbum(Pb)        N/D

                                      30. Hydrargyrum (Hg)N/D

                                      31. Chromium (Cr)   N/D

                                      32. Arsenic(As)   N/D


   Our fertilizer is made from seaweed, which comes from the deep sea near Canada. These algae are rich in organic matter and constant elements, which can meet the daily growth needs of plants.We use advanced bioenzymatic hydrolysis technology to decompose algae, so as to maximize the fertilizer efficiency of seaweed organic fertilizers without destroying the nutrients in seaweed.The production standards of the factory are in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the state. Only standardized product production lines can be recognized by the majority of consumers.

fruit (apple, orange, peach, grape, banana,  jujube, litchi, etc)

vegetable (tomato, potato, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, etc)

tea and flowers.

Drip Irrigation:

 dilute it with water for 1500kg-2000kg/Ha. Ddsage:1.5-3/kg/Ha

 apply 3-4times in whole growing period

 reproduce seaweed fertilizer:dilute with water at 1:7

  1. 20kg/bag

  2. 1000kg/bag


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