Seaweed Kelp Extract Powder

Seaweed Kelp Extract Powder

1.Small molecules, completely water soluble 2.High activity and significant fertilizer effect 3.Sample quality inspection before delivery

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Seaweed kelp extract powder

alga extract powder

The crops that can use our seaweed fertilizer will be:

1.Fruit trees (Grape, Mango, Strawberry, Cherry, Peach, Papaya, Banana...)

2.Vegetables(Cucumber, sweet potato, carrot, tomato...)


4.Other commercial crops

Biological Enzymolysis technology:

Alginic acid content: 18%

Organic matter content: 45%

Mannitol content: 0.7%

Betaine content: 42ppm

N content: 0.5-0.8%

P2O5 content: 2%-4%

K2O content: 18%-20%

I content: 750ppm

B content: 0.05%

PH content: 8-11

Seaweed extract

seaweed extract powder

seaweed fertilizer

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