Seaweed Organic Fertilizer For Plants

Seaweed Organic Fertilizer For Plants

Appearance Black Solubility in water (N) 100%w/w PH (N) 8-11 Organic matter (N) ≥40%w/w Alginic acid (N) ≥18 % w/w Mannitol ≥0.5% w/w Amino acids ≥1.5% w/w Betaine ≤45ppm w/w Nitrogen(N) (N) ≥0.5% w/w Phosphorus(P2O5) (N) ≥2% w/w

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Seaweed organic fertilizer

Main ingredients: NPK5%, organic matter 45%, beneficial bacteria 25 million per gram, seaweed extract 60%

Product efficacy and characteristics: This product contains pure natural seaweed, which has special effects against heavy mites, improve quality, improve soil, prevent dead roots and rotten seedlings. After application, the tree potential can be restored in a short time, and the yellow leaf of the leaflet can be reduced.

Usage and dosage: vegetable base fertilizer recommended 40-60kg per mu, and melon and fruit recommended 1.5-3kg per Ha.

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