Oumika Top Alga Alginic Acid Fertilizer

Oumika Top Alga Alginic Acid Fertilizer

The alginic acid fertilizer can be used for the crops such as fruit trees (Apple, Orange, Peach, Papaya,Banana etc.), Vegetables and melons (Leafy Vegetables, Rhizome etc.), Flowers and other commercial crops.

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Oumika Top alga alginic acid fertilizer

Oumika top alga

Anti-freeze, Drought resist, Enhance photosynthesis, Impel flowering, Retain and expand fruit.


Root Irrigation: 80-120 L/hectare

Spraying:Diluted 1:800-1:1500, twice in a growing period

Top alga

Alginic Acid100 g/L
N & P2O& K2O200 g/L
Fe & B & Zn10 g/L
Organic matter220 g/L

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