Seaweed Extract

In addition to alginic acid, seaweed extract contains nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), sulfur (S), iron Cu, Zn, Mo, B and so on. It also contains 18 kinds of protein amino acids which can be directly absorbed by plants and plant growth substances that have significant effects on plant physiological processes Auxin, cytokinin, gibberellin, etc.); also contains vitamins, nucleotides, humic acid and plant resistance factors. Seaweed plant nutrients, bioactive substances, plant resistance factor in one, is an ideal full-featured seaweed fertilizer.
  • Alga Extract Powder

    Alga Extract Powder

    Advantage for the Alga extract powder fertilizer: High content of polysaccharides extracted from natural seaweed, significantly enhance plants resistance to stress, promote rooth growth and plants development, improve crops quality and fruits flavor, increase desirable...Read More

  • Seaweed Kelp Extract Powder

    Seaweed Kelp Extract Powder

    1.Small molecules, completely water soluble 2.High activity and significant fertilizer effect 3.Sample quality inspection before deliveryRead More

  • Alga Extract Flake

    Alga Extract Flake

    Five advantages of seaweed fertilizers: 1.Seaweed fertilizer was more nutritious than traditional fertilizer,the growth of crops was balanced after application,the effect of increasing yield was remarkable,the absence of elements is rare. 2.Seaweed fertilizer contains a...Read More

  • Seaweed Organic Water Soluble Fertilizer

    Seaweed Organic Water Soluble Fertilizer

    Ascophyllum nodosum is a large, common cold water seaweed or brown alga (Phaeophyceae) in the family Fucaceae, being the only species in the genus Ascophyllum. It is a seaweed that only grows in the northern Atlantic Ocean, also known in localities as feamainn bhuí, rockweed,...Read More

  • Oumika Algae Ascophyllum Fertilizer

    Oumika Algae Ascophyllum Fertilizer

    Kinghami Seaweed Extract Fertilizer rich in aliginic acid,can enhance soil sturcture and can give lawn to create good growing conditions, making it strong growth.Read More

  • All Natural Seaweed Foliar Liquid Fertilizer

    All Natural Seaweed Foliar Liquid Fertilizer

    Foliar Fertilization is the most efficient way to increase yield and plant health. Plants take in nutrients more efficiently through stomata in their leaves than they do through root uptake. Tests have shown that foliar feeding can increases yields from 12% to 25% when...Read More

  • Oumika Top Alga Alginic Acid Fertilizer

    Oumika Top Alga Alginic Acid Fertilizer

    The alginic acid fertilizer can be used for the crops such as fruit trees (Apple, Orange, Peach, Papaya,Banana etc.), Vegetables and melons (Leafy Vegetables, Rhizome etc.), Flowers and other commercial crops.Read More

  • SLF Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer

    SLF Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer

    Seaweeds show great promise as a source of seaweed liquid fertilizer [SLF] for raising food crops.The time has come to produce a large quantity of food to the rapidly increasing world population. It an expected that there will be great deficiency of food materials in...Read More

  • Seaweed Soluble Fertilizer

    Seaweed Soluble Fertilizer

    General organic algal organisms contain more than 10% organic matter, such as Hexin Algae, which contains 30% organic matter. Sufficient organic matter facilitates the formation of soil aggregates, enhances soil permeability, and facilitates microbial population reproduction...Read More

  • Seaweed Based Foliar Fertilizer

    Seaweed Based Foliar Fertilizer

    The biological fertilizer made from seaweed seaweed as the main raw material and scientifically processed is mainly composed of natural biological active substances that are beneficial to the growth and development of plants extracted from seaweed, and mineral nutrients that...Read More

  • Seaweed Extract 2% Seaweed Functional Fertilizer

    Seaweed Extract 2% Seaweed Functional Fertilizer

    Seaweed fertilizer mainly refers to natural household organic fertilizer made from marine algae to extract active ingredients in seaweed, and other farmers call it seaweed plant growth agent, seaweed extract, seaweed ash and other names. Seaweed fertilizer is widely used in...Read More

  • OUMIKA Seaweed Extract Vigoroot Fertilizer

    OUMIKA Seaweed Extract Vigoroot Fertilizer

    Seaweed fertilizer can improve the soil, fertilize the soil, promote the development of crop roots, and prevent the occurrence of soil-borne diseases.Read More

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