Seaweed Fertilizer Manufacturer

Seaweed Fertilizer Manufacturer

Applying crops: Vegetables, fruits trees, tomato,coffee, cucumber, flowers, tea and so on. Instruction: 1. Used for producing seaweed organic fertilizer 2.Spraying: Dilute 1500--2000 times. Dosage:15--20kg/Hectare 3.Drip Irrigation: Dilute 1000--1500 times.

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Product Details

biological enzymolysis seaweed fertilizer

seaweed extract powder

Ingredient: Alginate≥18%, N≥0.5%, K2O≥16%,

P2O5≥2%, I≥500ppm, Mannitol≥0.5%, Solubility≥99%, Fe≥2%,


alginate contains seaweed polysaccharide  ,mannitol,organic  iodine  and auxins( Indole acid and Gibberellins).

seaweed polysaccharide:improve the soil,alleviate  high content of heavy metal,soil salinization and prevent soil hardening.

mannitol:regulate osmotic pressure for plants.

organic  iodine:decontamination and sterilisation.


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