All Natural Seaweed Foliar Liquid Fertilizer

All Natural Seaweed Foliar Liquid Fertilizer

Foliar Fertilization is the most efficient way to increase yield and plant health. Plants take in nutrients more efficiently through stomata in their leaves than they do through root uptake. Tests have shown that foliar feeding can increases yields from 12% to 25% when compared to conventional fertilization.

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All natural seaweed foliar liquid fertilizer

kinghami foliar fertilizer

Our Kingmami foliar fertilizer (Liquid) is made from Kelp seaweed. Kelp is a kind of delicious sea food. It contains alginate acid, luxuriant mannitol, iodine, gibberellin, CTK, indoleacetic acid and many necessary microelement for crops, such as, Fe, Mg, Mn, Zn and so on. Kelp is the best and most expensive raw material of seaweed fertilizer.



Alginate (g/L)≥90
K2O (g/L)≥67
OM(organic matter) (g/L)≥135
I600 ppm

Application Method:


Dilute it with water for 800 to 1500 times.

Dosage:  6-8 Liters/Hectare



1L by 12 bottles/case; 5L by 4 barrels/case; 200/Barrel

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